Vivianne Bendermacher

Vivianne Bendermacher (37) is a tech expert hailing from the Netherlands. She is the founder of Techionista; an on- and offline platform that focuses on empowering women through technology. She believes the world needs more female role models when it comes to tech, in order to inspire women to embrace technology.

Thanks to her frequent presence in the media – she’s a tech expert on national television, writes tech columns for a variety of well-known brands, talks about tech and science on national radio and frequently gives lectures on stage – she became a role model herself.

Bendermacher was only 26 years old when she became the editor in chief of one of the oldest popular science magazines in the Netherlands: KIJK. A few years later she launched a second popular science brand: Know How. In 2014 she decided to leave the two brands to become the editor in chief of VIVA: one of the biggest female focused media brands in the Netherlands.

Together with her co-founder Tamira van Roeyen, she is now scaling her start-up Techionista. One of the main goals is to make sure women will be part of the workforce of the future. Women are now vastly underrepresented in the world of ICT and Technology. If that won’t change; women might start losing their jobs. Techionista can’t let that happen.

So Techionista is doing 3 things to help women out:

– Techionista inspires women by organizing technology events in collaboration with partners like Google, Microsoft and Adyen. Once a year Techionista organizes the Techionista Awards in order to make female role models in ICT and tech more visible.

– Techionista empowers women by educating them. Whether it’s during a one day Masterclass or a 16-weeks retraining program, like the Microsoft Azure Academy for Data Science, powered by Techionista, where women are being retrained to become data science professionals.

– And the final step: Techionista helps their educated women to find new jobs.