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Susanne Baars

Susanne Baars, an Award-winning thought leader and evangelist in the field of genomics and exponential tech, biomedical scientist specialised in genomics, author, successful Elsevier 30under30 healthcare entrepreneur and Dutch One Young World ambassador. Born & raised in a medical family she experienced first hand that there is more information about genomics to save lives. Now she is a woman on a mission to reinvent access to healthcare by making lifesaving knowledge accessible for all.

To change the world she founded Social Genomics MOONSHOT, a disruptive startup using next generation technology to built a global network that uses genomics and AI to connect patients to research.  She also founded the Human Genome Foundation & SocialGenomics Charity Foundation, two non-profits to connect people in the poorest parts of the world without essential healthcare to lifesaving information too. Previously she worked as genetic scientist at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Global Health & Ethics department World Health Organisation (Geneva) and Peking University. With a double master in philosophy and ethics and various honors Business School and Young Leaders League.

It’s Susanne’s lifework to save millions of lives by counting people to lifesaving knowledge on a global scale. A mission for humanity based on determination, hard work, passion and faith that the dots will somehow connect. By doing so she is a great inspiration for thousands of people around the world. As inspirational keynote speaker she provided an eye opener for the audience to stand up for this cause, but also to chase their big dreams in life.  She is challenging you to go out of your comfort zone by showing you that everyone of us can realise their big dreams in life. Besides keynotes she also provides workshops.

Special because? She is a next-generation female leader presenting her mission around the world. She has been invited four times to TEDx within 6 months time. She is acknowledged by Elsevier 30under30, TEDxINSEAD: 'A new Tomorrow', TEDxAmsterdam Startup Award 2018, TEDxAmsterdam Award 2018; appointed as one of the most disruptive and youngest Dutch 'TOPWOMAN’ interviewed by 'TOPVROUWEN', nominated as Dutch One Young World ambassador of the month and selected by the CEO of Sandoz as TOP3 entrepreneur working on solving the global ACCESS to healthcare challenge. 

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