Simone van Trojen

Simone van Trojen, a woman just like any other woman and mother of two, had a dream that eventually developed into something beautiful. After obtaining a law degree, she was a corporate executive for several years. Nowadays Simone combines motherhood, marriage, running her own business and a hectic social life all into one. As an enthusiastic fashion lover, Simone has spent a lifetime looking for that one dress that would fit all her different roles in life. It was this search that, in 2006, led her to design her own dream dress: LaDress. By launching her creation on the international market, Simone provides the answer to the one question women around the world ask themselves every single day: what should I wear?

LaDress is a premium online fashion brand with one thing in mind – helping you discover the perfect dress. Every woman is secretly looking for that one perfect dress, which can be worn day and night. A dress that creates the ultimate look for just about any occasion: in the office, to a business dinner, dancing the night away or even going to the beach. As complimentary items we also offer a changing variety of quality essentials.