Saskia Nijs

Saskia Nijs is researcher at the VU, columnist at Financieel Dagblad, employee at Philips, part of their diversity team, and speaker and advisor on the 21st century organization.

After her studies (European Studies) at the University of Amsterdam, she started working in a start-up company for internet access, websites etc. Ever since, she has worked in technology companies. From telecom: PSINet, software: Microsoft, VR: Layar and now in healthtech. During her work at Microsoft she was part of the transition to the new way of working and led a leadership program on how to manage in the 21st century. There she became passionate about the way companies are organized. If we want to support people that work with their 21st century skills (creative, solution driven, self-supporting) how come we organize ourselves still in ways that reside from the 19th century? With the technology as the crucial basis for how we work, live, communicate, learn and have fun, we can do so much more with our human skills. Organizations need to find the right balance between technology and emotions and therefore organize themselves differently. With her expertise, Saskia researches, writes,  inspires and supports a lot of CEOs, owners, managers and employees on how to innovate in the ways they organize their companies. Not only by talking but mainly by doing. How to adjust in this new era where technology takes over so much of our routine work but where human skills are crucial for success. From robots to human beings, from AI to creativity. The future is bright, the future is here.