Renske de Bruine

TRenske de Bruine- Founder and CEO of Winq.

As from 2008 Renske has been working in IT. She’s experienced and hands-on in key areas such as sales, new business, marketing and technology. She provides professional IT services and gets results for highly demanding customers. Since sept 2012 devoted on changing health care  with Mount Software, where she helps bring patients and health providers closer together in making a medical decision. (see;

Since the beginning of 2015 they joined forces with AMC hospital ( and later on with RadboudUMC ( Together they strive for social impact and enhance quality of life for patients by providing Digital Decision Aids with Mount Software.

Business wise she’s best described as passionate, hands-on, customer-oriented, committed, challenge-driven, open-minded and self-confident with creative problem-solving skills.


Knowledge on Shared Decision Making, Internet/Tech Solutions, Wearables, Self management, Conversion, Business Development, Service Design, Customer Journeys, Consultancy, Presenting.