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Nina Hoff

Born on the 18th of October on 1991, Nina Hoff is CEO at 3D food printing company byFlow. She is a natural born entrepreneur, when she was only 14 years old she started her first “company” organizing workshops for children in the neighborhood, including a newspaper.

After her Bachelor’s degree in Management in Healthcare, Nina worked as Assistant Manager in a Mental Hospital and as a recruiter and consultant in Healthcare. After 3 years of working, she decided that Healthcare was potentially not her field, there was a glass ceiling with regards to her position back then.“I couldn’t go through.

I played with the thoughts to go back to study a MBA, but wasn’t really looking forward to be studying full time again.” When her brother, Floris, called her during her Holidays in Bali in the summer of 2015, telling her he got accepted for a Business Accelerator (Startupbootcamp HighTechXL) and that he was looking for someone to help him setting up his own company, she didn’t doubt for a second, and jumped in. In 4 weeks Nina quit her job and together with her brother and father founded byFlow, a company developing and selling 3D Printing Technology for the Food Industry. Since then, byFlow has opened up the new 3D Food Printing market with their first product, called “the Focus 3D Food Printer”, and has been constantly working towards  growing the company.

The company is currently actively selling its product to High End Restaurants, Catering Companies & Bakeries and finds itself on a mission to change the way people prepare and experience food.