Olga Chumakova

After graduating from Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine, in 1999, Olga worked for an insurance company. In the end of 90th, financial services in post-soviet nations, including Ukraine, just launched and started to develop. Olga saw her job as an opportunity to integrate her mathematical and analytical skills for developing public and social focused products.

Olga obtained her first managerial position Health Insurance Department Director when she was 23. She and her team ran health insurance program for manufacturing enterprises, and then the team launched the first private clinic that was administrated by an insurance company.

In 2006, Olga obtained general manager’s position in a private insurance company, and became a co-owner of the insurance company, which was a part of a financial group.

Olga always prefer to focus on the next main things: technology and business model innovations, new product development, customer orientation and international integration. In 2010 – 2012 Olga launched the technology driven health TPA project in Ukraine, which was chosen as one of the pilots for future healthcare reform.

In 2014, Olga participated in executive education Innovating Health for Tomorrow program in INSEAD, and after the program Olga decided to relocate to EU and to start a new innovative health company in The Netherlands.

Now Olga is a co-owner and Managing Director of HealthTech company Be Sure Healthcare, based in The Hague. Olga leads the BeSure Online project: a digital health management platform for stroke prevention and rehabilitation. The company is a leader of international consortium with companies and professionals from various business sectors and EU states.

Olga is a mother of two boys, 8 and 5.