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Aimee van Wynsberghe

Co-Director at Foundation for Responsible Robotics & Co-Founder of ALLAI Netherlands

Aimee has been named one of the Netherlands top 400 influential women under 38 by VIVA, was named one of the 25 ‘women in robotics you need to know about’, and is the 2018 winner of the L'oreal/UNESCO 'Women in Science'. She is author of the book Healthcare Robots: Ethics, Design, and Implementation and has been awarded an NWO personal research grant to study how we can responsibly design service robots. She has been interviewed by BBC, Quartz, Financial Times, and other International news media on the topic of ethics and robots, and is invited to speak at International conferences and summits. 

Alexandra Jankovich

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at SparkOptimus

Alexandra started in traditional strategy consultancy at McKinsey & Company, before moving on to set up the digital division at RELX (Elsevier Science) in New York, and later holding a number of senior digital management positions across the US and Europe. As Managing Director of Benelux, she took the site to the no.1 spot in six months. She is co-founder of  top management consultancy SparkOptimus, the hands-on business builders with a 100% focus on digital disruption, and is a member of various supervisory boards. Together with Tom Voskes, co-founder of SparkOptimus, she has published the bestselling book ‘Make Disruption Work’.

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Anneke Keller

Head of Jumbo Tech Campus at Jumbo

My name is Anneke Keller and I work at Jumbo, a successful and fast growing supermarket chain. Within Jumbo I am responsible for the Jumbo Tech Campus which is the department that develops all software for Jumbo. My team is growing very fast since our market and our company is growing. To support Jumbo in this growth we need to innovate fast. 

Besides my day-time job I am also a part-time management coach. At Jumbo, but also in my former jobs at Coolblue, KPN and TomTom I have learned a lot about changing and scaling organisations, about both server-side and embedded software, quality assurance, DevOps, distributed teams and (Cloud)infrastructure.

Annemarie Buitelaar

General Manager at eBay Classified Group Benelux

As General Manager of eBay Classifieds Group Benelux, Annemarie Buitelaar is responsible for the entire portfolio of Marktplaats and 2dehands, the biggest online trading platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. After starting her Marktplaats career in 2009, Annemarie fulfilled a variety of roles. As Head of SME she was responsible for the successful international roll-out of Admarkt, the performance based advertising product for merchants and other professional advertisers. Following eBay’s acquisition of and in 2013, she became General Manager of the Belgian business. After her return to Marktplaats in September 2015, Annemarie quickly introduced a new organizational set-up and overall business proposition and became General Manager of eCG Benelux in 2018. Annemarie began her career at KPN, working a broad selection of marketing and commercial roles.

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Annet Aris

Senior Affiliate Professor of (Digital) Strategy at INSEAD

Annet is Senior Affiliate Professor of (digital) Strategy at INSEAD. She developed and teaches amongst others the MBA-course “Digital transformation of society, industries and companies’”

In addition Annet has extensive experience as a supervisory board member, mostly of companies going through the digital transition. Currently she is member of the board of Rabobank Group, Randstad NV, ASML NV, a.s.r. Nederland NV and Jungheinrich AG. She is also chairman of the Volkskrant foundation.

Anouk Visser

CTO at

Anouk Visser is Co-founder and CTO of provides its customers with a bird’s-eye view of the condition of their solar and wind farms. The AI-powered View platform identifies and locates possible problems in high detail at an early stage, providing critical intelligence to guarantee the full performance of the asset. 

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Anouk Vos

Partner & Cyber Security/Innovation Lead at Revnext

Anouk Vos is partner and Cyber Security /Innovation lead at Revnext, a strategic consulting firm focusing on high-tech issues, offering cross-sectorial, thoroughly substantiated and objective advice in the realm of cyber security. Vos has over ten years of experience as strategic cyber security advisor for (inter)national government bodies, multinationals and NGOs.

Carine de Meyere

Director of Partnerships & New Business Development at TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Carine de Meyere has been Director of Partnerships & New Business Development for TEDxAmsterdamWomen & Startup Award since 2015. Carine de Meyere was educated at an all women’s college in the US and studied Women’s Studies at Harvard University. For 30 years she has been an active champion for female leadership, diversity and inclusion and when the opportunity arose, she stept on board of TEDxAmsterdamWomen to help build the storytelling and inspiration platform and its startup award grow to a next level. It is her aim to be a role model for female professionals in the Netherlands and beyond, to inspire women to pursue a career in technology for that will allow them to be part of and help create the future. The future of AI is female!

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Christina Caljé

Co-Founder & CEO at Autheos

Christina is CEO & Co-founder of Autheos, a marketing technology platform applying data science frameworks and artificial intelligence techniques to generate video intelligence and personalize the video experience for online consumers.

The growth potential and innovation of her technology company have been recognized by national publications such as Emerce, De Financiele Telegraaf, RTL-Z and Quote.

Corinne Vigreux

Co-Founder of TomTom & Founder of Codam

Corinne Vigreux is co-founder of TomTom, a location technology specialist on a mission to create the most innovative technologies to help shape tomorrow’s mobility and create a safe, connected, autonomous world free of congestion and emissions. Voted one of the top 50 most inspirational women in European tech, Corinne champions women in the workforce and advocates passionately for improved social mobility through education.

In 2018, she launched CODAM, a tuition-free, nonprofit coding college in Amsterdam, because she believes coding is the engine for innovation that is driving the world forward faster than ever before. CODAM’s learning system is based on the famous Ecole 42 curriculum and ethos, and its mission is to help a new generation shape the future.

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Diane Janknegt

Founder of WizeNoze

Diane Janknegt, founder of Wizenoze, has been selected by Forbes for the ‘100 Women Founders In Europe To Follow in 2019’, is mentioned as ‘The 20 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch 2018’ by Insight Magazine, is a member of the Inspiring Fifty Group in the Netherlands - a group of 50 Female leaders in the IT sector, won the title ‘Bad- Ass Female Entrepreneur 2018’ of Silicon Canals. Her company Wizenoze was featured as the only Dutch company in The Disrupt 100 list, is recently selected as “The top 10 Dutch companies to Watch in 2019” by Business Insider and was a finalist for ‘The Next Billion Edtech Prize’ at the Global Education Skills Forum in Dubai on March 22nd, 2019.

Dr. Melanie Rieback

Co-Founder & CEO at Radically Open Security

Dr. Melanie Rieback is the CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security, the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company. She is also a former Assistant Professor of Computer Science at VU who performed RFID security research (RFID Virus and RFID Guardian), that attracted worldwide press coverage, and won several awards (VU Mediakomeet, ISOC Award, NWO I/O award, IEEE Percom Best Paper, USENIX Lisa Best Paper).

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Ebi Atawodi

Senior Product Manager at Money at Uber

Ebi Atawodi believes in building sustainable products and platforms that impact people’s lives beyond at least two generations. She is currently leading the Uber money product team based in Amsterdam focusing on global payments experiences across all Uber apps. Prior to this, Ebi started out with Uber as General Manager for Lagos in 2014 with a handful of cars on the road and grew to become Uber’s General Manager for West Africa running a top 20 EMEA region.

Eline Leijten

Founder of Plugify

At the age of 28, Eline Leijten founded Plugify: the online marketplace for booking live music performances, ranging from cover bands to DJs to classical pianists. Plugify has grown rapidly, is market leader in the Netherlands and aims to become the leading global artist booking platform. Eline was crowned Dutch Pitch Champion, won TheNextWomen Pitch Competition and the TEDxAmsterdamWomen Startup Award. She’s an outspoken advocate for improving diversity and inclusion in tech.

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Eline Vrijland - van Beest

Founder & CEO at NightBalance

Eline has a technical background as an industrial design engineer (TU Delft, Cum Laude), and has further education in business innovation and coaching. She is the founder and CEO of NightBalance, a leading innovator of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) technology, acquired by Philips in May 2018. With several other MedTech entrepreneurs, she founded and invests through the Blue Sparrows Investment Fund. She is nominated for several lists of female and/or tech entrepreneurs like Quote, Glamour, Viva, Opzij, Financieel Dagblad, Sprout, The Inspiring 50, World Women's Forum and 35 Innovators Under 35 by MIT.

Elize Bosker

Head of Product at Spideo (

Elize is an experienced international product manager and CSPO. She has been working in tech for over 10 years and currently heads up the product team at Spideo ( in Paris. As a product leader, Elize gets her kicks from solving user problems, and promoting new technology as a tool to improve people’s lives. She wants to combine the power of deep tech and human knowledge to push society forward. At Spideo she has driven the product strategy to transform Spideo into the SaaS platform Rumo, opening up new business opportunities and partnerships. Today, their personalization tools for creative industries, drive measurable results for companies worldwide, while implementing personalization at the core of the product experience.

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Eva Heffernan

Country Leader & VP Commerce at Salesforce

Eva Heffernan is an accomplished leader in the Technology Industry, with 20 years of experience driving customer success and innovation in Sales, Channel, Strategy and Business Operations.

Eva joined Salesforce in February 2014 to lead Strategy and Business Operations for Northern Europe. In 2017, she took on the responsibility to build the Salesforce partner ecosystem in the Netherlands. In April 2018, Eva was appointed Country Leader for Salesforce Netherlands. She is focused on driving business growth in the Netherlands with a values-driven approach through Salesforce employees, customers and partners. Eva also leads the Commerce Cloud team across Belgium and the Netherlands.

Gillian Tans

CEO at

As’s Chief Executive Officer, Gillian Tans is responsible for the global strategy and operations of, including the management of all business units within the organisation. Previously, Gillian served as’s President and Chief Operating Officer, a role she was appointed to in 2011, as well as other positions at the helm of’s Global Sales, Operations, IT, Content and Customer Care departments. Under her leadership, has advanced its operations and sales across more than 224 countries and territories around the world.

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Heleen Dura - van Oord

Founding Partner at Peak Capital

Heleen Dura van Oord was one of the founders in 2011 of DQ&A Media Group, which is specialised in digital marketing. After the merger with Incubeta at the end of last year, the whole group now consists of 13 offices, 350 employees and generates 100 million euro in revenues.

Hester Le Riche

Founder & CEO at Active Cues

Hester has a PhD in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. She found her passion during design projects that influence people’s behaviour and contribute to their health. Her dissertation ‘Playful Design for Activation’ entails an evidence based approach of developing a product service system to stimulate physical activity of people with severe dementia. She is fascinated by how people interact with each other and with products, especially of whom that perceive the world differently. She is passionate about research and design that benefit people with (cognitive) challenges, their carers and family members.

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Ineke Scheffers

Founder of Girl Code & Lead Developer at ANWB

Ineke Scheffers is the founder of Girl Code and Lead developer of her team at ANWB. Before she became a programmer, she worked in tech as a communication officer and event planner at a software company. It's there where she saw the number of women developers were appallingly low. And when she got the answer: "this number is actually pretty good comparing to other offices", she knew she had to do something about it. It was then when she started Girl Code. A community for which she organizes events in the form of talks, demo's and workshops to create awareness about the gender gap in code and hopefully help bridging it a little more by making more women enthousiastic for code, and to keep women who already code into it ('cause also staying is also sometimes an obstacle when you find yourself in a still male dominated field).

Inge Philips - Bryan

Public Policy Leader & Partner Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ltd

Inge Philips-Bryan (1969) left the Public Service and joined Deloitte Cyber Risk Services in 2016. Her career spans two decades in intelligence and law enforcement. Her last position was Deputy Director of the Netherlands Criminal Investigations Division, where she dealt with counter terrorism and serious organized crime such as drug trafficking, armed robbery, money laundering and high tech crime. She laid the basis for the use of internet in intelligence work in The Netherlands and was a pioneer in the use of big data in intelligence and law enforcement. She has seen all sides of (cyber-) espionage and crime.

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Jalila Essaïdi

CEO at Inspidere B.V.

Jalila Essaïdi (born 1980) is a Dutch artist and entrepreneur based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Essaïdi is specialized in the fields of bio-based materials and biological arts (bio-art). She is best known for her work ‘2.6g 329m/s’, also known as ‘Bulletproof Skin’, a project that achieved bioengineered bulletproof human skin. This project combined in vitro human skin with spider silk from genetically modified organisms to create a material that stops a slow-speed bullet. Another well-known project is Mestic®, a method to transform cow manure into cellulose-derivatives.

Jane Zavalishina

Co-Founder of Mechanica AI

Jane Zavalishina is the President and Co-founder of Mechanica AI and a faculty member of Singularity University Benelux.

Throughout her career, Jane has always focused on applying innovative technologies to create new and transform traditional businesses. She joined Yandex in 2000 as its Chief Product Officer, later to take the position of CEO of Yandex.Money, an e-commerce payment service. Since 2014, she took the leadership of Yandex Data Factory, a new business unit focused on enterprise machine learning solutions. In 2018 she co-founded Dutch tech start-up Mechanica AI, a provider of AI-based solutions for the industrial sector.  

Jane is a frequent speaker at various events in Europe, Middle East and Asia, and and an Advisory board member for SIDN fund. She is also a Member of the World Economic Forum's Expert Network. In 2016, Jane was named in Silicon Republic’s Top 40 Women in Tech as an Inspiring Leader. 

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Janneke Hadders

CEO at Dacom Farm Intelligence

Janneke Hadders is director of the company Dacom Farm Intelligence. Dacom allows growers and agribusiness around the world to optimize the quality of the crop with data driven software, sensor equipment and advisory services. Since 2003, shortly after obtaining her Master's degree in Law and Business Administration at the University of Groningen, Janneke is active within Dacom. Dacom has grown into an international company with thousands of customers, including large multinationals in the Food & Agro industry. In 2012 Janneke became director of Dacom. In 2011, Dacom was voted the most innovative SME company in the Netherlands in the SME Innovation top 100.

Jannie Minnema

Director Information Technology Services and Board Member at MN

Jannie Minnema is Director Information Technology Services and Board Member at MN. She has over 20 years experience in the IT business. Working in a rapidly changing industry in various international roles has given her a diverse view of the IT industry. She has a Bachelor in Business Studies from Nijenrode University and a degree in Economics from the Vrije Universiteit and started her career in IT,  in Dubai, as an IT teacher. Her interest lies in the area where Innovation, Technology and Education meet.

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Jaya Baloo

Chief Information Security Officer at KPN

Jaya Baloo the CISO of KPN Telecom in the Netherlands. She is recognized in 2017 as one of the top 100 CISO's globally. Jaya works with an amazing information security team of highly driven specialists.  Working in the information security arena for the past 18 years, she has worked mostly for global telecommunications companies such as Verizon and France Telecom. Jaya is also a frequent speaker at security conferences on subjects around lawful interception, mass surveillance, and cryptography.

Jeanine van der Vlist

Member of The Executive Board & CCO at Eurofiber

Jeanine relinquished her position as Alcatel-Lucent Nederland CEO in 2013 to become Managing Director B2B at Essent. This gave Van der Vlist responsibility for the delivery of energy to the medium-sized and large corporate markets.

Since April 2015 she has been part of Eurofiber, a provider of high-quality digital infrastructure, first as Commercial Director and then, since June 2016 as Managing Director. With this position Jeanine van der Vlist has opted for the flexibility, dynamism and entrepreneurial drive of an organisation, which is growing strongly and where she can operate more closely to the business and provide direction to its activities.

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Jenny Dankelman

Professor at Delft University of Technology

Jenny Dankelman is professor in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques at the Delft University of Technology ( She obtained her degree in Mathematics, with a specialisation in System and Control Engineering at the University of Groningen in 1984 and her PhD degree on the dynamics of the coronary circulation at the Delft University of Technology (DUT) in 1989. In 2001 she was awarded the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek chair and shortly after she became head of the Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques group (

Josefien Groot

Co-Founder & CEO at Qlayers B.V.

Josefien is a 24-year-old enthusiastic and ambitious changemaker who is determined to improve the world, by enterprising and innovation, when it comes to sustainability and social equality. She established and sold her first company under the age of 21, with which she sold yoga leggings made from recycled plastic bottles. During her MSc study at the TU Delft, she started Qlayers together with Ruben Geutjens in August 2017.  Qlayers develops a new revolutionary coating head that can apply functional coatings on large surfaces. Qlayers is the only company worldwide that is able to print 'sharkskin' microstructures and apply them on large industrial surfaces.

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Julie de Widt - Bakker

Sr Comms Manager Public Affairs at Microsoft Corporation

During her years at Microsoft The Netherlands Julie has been a strong advocate for the modernization of the Dutch curriculum to include STEM skills at an early age, specifically focussing on the inclusion of girls in STEM. Her recent move to the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle has changed her focus to the inclusion of people with disabilities. In her current role she is responsible for the global communications on accessibility.  She is particularly interested in the power of artificial intelligence to amplify human capability. This will impact the more than one billion people around the world with a disability.

Karin Hilton

Senior Director & Engineering for Research Technologies at Elsevier

Karin is responsible for the Technology teams driving the Elsevier portfolios of Research Data Management and the Funder/Funding focused product suite. This includes Mendeley Data – a research data lifecycle management solution, Mendeley Funding – a researcher focused funding search capability, Funding Institutional - an institutional focused funding search capability and Expert Look up – aided identification of top researchers for Funders to support proposal review and validation.

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Katja Berkhout

Director International at StartupDelta

Katja is Director International at StartupDelta, the accelerator for the Netherlands startup ecosystem and team around special envoy HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje. Katja is in charge of the scale program at StartupDelta, designed to connect Dutch startups and innovation ecosystem to global innovation hubs and communities around the world’s most impactful tech events and innovation regions. Katja is a frequent public speaker and professional host and moderator at tech events. She also serves as an Advisory Board member to SXSW pitch (formerly Accelerator).

Lara Ankersmit

Head of Digital at NOS

Lara Ankersmit is Head of Digital at Dutch national broadcaster NOS where she is responsible for all the digital and mobile activities. As the Head of Digital Media she manages the development of innovative digital products and apps. Her focus is mainly on user experience, technical innovation and adaptation by a broad user base.

Her goal is to transform a traditional media company to a digital organisation, where journalists find their new role in bringing news to new (and younger) audiences.

Lara started her career in Digital in 1994 as a journalist followed by roles in advertising and publishing. Before joining NOS she worked on several web projects – ranging from profit to nonprofit.

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Liat Ben - Zur

CVP Product Marketing Management of Modern Life & Devices at Microsoft

Liat Ben-Zur is a corporate vice president of Modern Life & Devices Product Marketing Management, helping to define meaningful products and services that address consumer needs and drive deeper engagement across Microsoft‘s portfolio. She also serves on the advisory board of Umicore, a global materials, recycling and sustainabliity company.

Liat has been named by Connected World as a winner of “2018 Women of M2M (IoT).” She was named by Mashable as one of "The Female Mentors Making a Difference in Silicon Valley" in 2017 and by Inspiring Fifty as "One of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in the Netherlands 2017.” She was named by Silicon Republic as one of "4 Women Waves in the World of IoT” in 2016, and by Fierce Wireless as one of only seven “Rising Stars of Wireless” in 2014. She is passionate about the evolution of mobile, consumer services & IoT as they intersect with healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, smart cities, sustainability industries, and more.

Lieke Pijpers

Founder of The Next Closet

Lieke has a technical background as an industrial design engineer (TU Delft). Throughout her entrepreneurial career ‘sustainability’ has been the main theme. She co-founded The Next Closet as a result of her ambition to create a sustainable impact through product innovation, in combination with an unmet need to recycle pre-loved garments. The Next Closet is the biggest, curated marketplace in the Benelux for second hand designer fashion. 

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Maaike Evers

Co-Founder of Mike & Maaike

Born and bred in The Netherlands, Maaike brings a progressively Dutch and uniquely female perspective to Industrial Design. Equally inspired by the tradition of craft and potential of industry, she has developed complex high-tech products as well as artful projects.

Maaike co-founded the experimental design studio Mike & Maaike in San Francisco. The studio is formed as a design laboratory where self initiated and client projects are approached with the same level of passion, experimentation and optimism.

Maaike Steinebach

General Manager at Visa Hong Kong & Macau

Maaike Steinebach was appointed as Country Manager of Visa Hong Kong and Macau in January 2019. She is responsible for the full business operations, strategy development and management of Visa’s businesses in the two territories. She is also the founding member of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong.

Maaike brings more than 20 years of experience working in institutional, commercial and private banking in Europe, Asia, and Greater China.

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Maartje de Graaf

Assistant Professor at Utrecht University

Computer technologies increasingly interact with us through complex and humanlike interfaces such as robots and virtual agents. Maartje researches the psychological aspects of our interactions and relationships with these artificial agents. Her goal is to influence technology design and policy direction to pursue the development of acceptable social agents that benefit society.

Manon van Beek

CEO at TenneT

Manon Van Beek (1970) joined international business service provider Accenture in 1996 and became Country Managing Director Accenture the Netherlands in 2013 with a strong focus on growth through innovation, digital transformation and leadership. She was also lead of Accenture's Strategy practice for Utilities in EALA (Europe, Africa, Latin America) and has worked for Utilities clients for almost 25 years. Manon holds a master's degree in Business Economics and was appointed CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors of TenneT on 1 September 2018. Next to her business responsibilities Manon attaches great importance to sustainability and employability. She chairs a few societal foundations, incl. Giving Back (ethnical talent), Refugee Talent Hub (refugee talent) and is member of the foundation Topvrouw van het Jaar (female talent).

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Marian Spier

Founder of TEDxAmsterdamWomen and FEM-START & Owner of

Marian Spier, owner of, founder of TEDxAmsterdamWomen and FEM-START (an incubator and accelerator program for female led startups), is a business professional, entrepreneur and communication consultant. She has been a manager and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam for eight years. In 2012 she started consulting and has built a diverse portfolio of clients that range from industries, sectors, and size like the City of Amsterdam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American University, United Nations, World Humanitarian Summit, Unesco, TEDx in Europe, and Marian also mentored and trained many young female entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Poland, Hong Kong, The US, Algeria, The Caribbean, and Moldova. She founded the first Female Startup Award in the Netherlands and serves as an advisor and board member of several non-profit organizations, including Humanity in Action, We Make The City, ZAAM, and Rutgers.

Marili ‘t Hooft - Bolle

COO at WeTransfer & Owner of FF Ventures

Marili is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at WeTransfer. She joined the company in May 2017 and is responsible for a number of departments and teams — including Operations, Finance, HR, Legal, Facilities, Support, the Creative studio and Growth and analytics.

Marili is an experienced and energetic general manager who excels in high-growth environments. Her focus on financial management, strategy, team building and operational excellence comes from a wealth of experience across multiple subscription services, marketplaces and commerce.

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Mary-Jo de Leeuw

Director Cybersecurity Advocacy EMEA at (ISC)²

Mrs. de Leeuw is a career cybersecurity technology consultant, after serving as an Associate Partner for Cybersecurity and Innovation at Revnext, a Dutch consulting firm that advises executive management of governments, listed companies and NGOs in the areas of high-technology innovation, strategic development and performance improvement. In her role she advised such entities as the Dutch Cyber Collective, the Dutch Forensics Incident Response (NFIR) and the Dutch Cyber Chain. Prior to Revnext, de Leeuw spent 15 years as Managing Director of, another strategic consulting firm, working on IT security issues with organizations such as The Hague Security Delta, the National Cyber Security Centre, DUNEA Dutch Water Industry and ING Bank. 

Neelie Kroes

Board Member of Directors at Salesforce, Chair Public Policy Advisor Board at Uber & Special Advisor at Bank of America Merill Lynch

After a long and successful career as an academic and politician in the Netherlands and Europe, Neelie became Special Envoy for Start-ups in the Netherlands from 2014 to 2016. She headed the StartupDelta initiative that boosts the Dutch start-up ecosystem and aims to place it among the top 3 ranked competitive ecosystems in Europe. In her tenure at StartupDelta, she put the Dutch start-up ecosystem on the map.

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Nina Hoff

Co-Founder & CEO at byFlow

Born on the 18th of October on 1991, Nina Hoff is CEO at 3D food printing company byFlow. She is a natural born entrepreneur, when she was only 14 years old she started her first “company” organizing workshops for children in the neighborhood, including a newspaper.

In 2018, Nina won the Techionista Award for being the best female Tech Entrepreneur. Next to all these responsibilities she is very proud to be a speaker telling the story about the future of food in relation to 3D Food Printing and sharing her vision on Personal Nutrition. To conclude, Nina is an ambassador for getting more Women in tech, by giving inspirational talks/interviews and hosting various Women-in-Tech-events.

Rina Joosten - Rabou

Co-Founder & CCO at Seedlink Technologies

Rina is co-founder of Seedlink Tech, which develops artificial intelligence for better and faster matching of candidates to jobs. Rina is driven by the vision to leverage cutting edge technology to remove human bias from the decision making process. Seedlink’s method has proven to improve diversity and performance with over 30% at its key clients.

IF NL 18 | Rina Joosten-Rabou _.jpg
Snezana-003-NEW copy 2.jpg

Snezana Zivcevska - Stalpers

Project Manager for Cloud Application Innovation at IBM Global Business Services

Snezana is a Project Manager for Cloud Application Innovation at IBM Global Business Services. She is skilled in project and service management, business process management, IT risk and complience management and digital transformation. She has an extensive experience in design and development of business and technical solutions for various clients in financial, public, retail and telco sectors, in The Netherlands and in Europe. Some of her projects were a huge success and earned awards for delivery of excellence.

Susanne Baars

Founder & CEO at SocialGenomics MOONSHOT

Susanne Baars, an Award-winning thought leader and evangelist in the field of genomics and exponential tech, biomedical scientist specialised in genomics, author, successful Elsevier 30under30 healthcare entrepreneur and Dutch One Young World ambassador. Born & raised in a medical family she experienced first hand that there is more information about genomics to save lives. Now she is a woman on a mission to reinvent access to healthcare by making lifesaving knowledge accessible for all.

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Tineke Bakker - van der Veen

Managing Director at Boeing Benelux & Nordics Boeing International

Tineke Bakker - van der Veen was named Managing Director of Boeing Benelux & Nordics in April 2017. Based in Amsterdam, she is responsible for coordinating all company business activities across the region and reports directly to Sir Michael Arthur, President of Boeing Europe.

Vivianne Bendermacher

Founder of Technionista

Vivianne Bendermacher (37) is a tech expert hailing from the Netherlands. She is the founder of Techionista; an on- and offline platform that focuses on empowering women through technology. She believes the world needs more female role models when it comes to tech, in order to inspire women to embrace technology.

Thanks to her frequent presence in the media – she’s a tech expert on national television, writes tech columns for a variety of well-known brands, talks about tech and science on national radio and frequently gives lectures on stage – she became a role model herself.

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