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Lara Ankersmit

Head of Digital at NOS

Lara’s goal is to transform the NOS, a traditional media company, into a full fledged digital organisation. She helps journalists find their new role in bringing news to new and young audiences. She started her career as a journalist in 1994, after which she worked in advertising and publishing.

Annet Aris

Non-Executive Board Member & Professor at ASML.ProSiebenSat1, INSEAD, Thomas Cook, a.s.r. Nederland, Jungheinrich

Annet has shown to be unstoppable in her career. She made partner at McKinsey in 1994 as head of the media practice in Germany. Since then, she teaches the course on media and the internet at INSEAD, where she inspires MBA students about digital innovation.

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Jacintha Baas

Founder of Sustainer Homes

Living in a radically sustainable home is not a thing of the future, and Jacintha is out to prove it. She intends to improve people’s lives by giving them a home where they won’t have bills for the necessities by bringing housing that generates its own energy and water to life with Sustainer Homes.

Vivianne Bendermacher

Founder of Techionista

Vivianne is one of the best-known public faces in the Dutch tech scene. She’s out to ensure women have a place in the workforce by inspiring, educating and placing women with Techionista. And she spreads the word about technology by appearing on daily TV shows like RTL Boulevard as tech expert.

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Liat Ben-Zur

Senior Vice President and Digital Technology Leader at Philips

Liat is a champion of the Internet of Things. She co-founded the AllSeen Alliance and helped drive the biggest open-source network to help ‘things’ communicate with each other and people. Now she’s continuing her good work as vice president of Connected Digital Platforms at Philips.

Annemarie Buitelaar

CCO / Director B2C at Marktplaats

Annemarie fulfils one of the top leadership positions at Marktplaats, the Dutch eBay. After an excursion to set up the Belgian branch of the company, she returned to Marktplaats in 2015. She refreshed the entire organizational setup and business proposition.

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Olga Chumakova

Co-Founder of Be Sure Healthcare B.V.

Olga is all about using technological innovation to stay healthy. Her latest venture is called the BeSure project, which is a platform for stroke prevention and rehabilitation. She’s originally from the Ukraine, and decided to bring her skills to the Netherlands in 2014.

Renske de Bruine

Founder & CEO at Winq

Renske is a champion of Health Tech. With Mount Software, she aims to help bridge the gap between patients and doctors to aid with medical decision making. She plays a key role in sales and operational aspects of the company.

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Svenja de Vos

CTO at Leaseweb

Svenja is a strong advocate for interwining the technical and business sides of companies. Before she’s doing so as the Chief Technology officer at LeaseWeb, she was the director of IT at Tele2 group.

Gina Doekhie

Forensic IT Expert at Fox-IT

Gina is one of the IT experts who’s out to make the online world a safer place. At Fox-IT, she advises socially responsible organisations like, governments and clients in the financial sector helped by her knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Forensic Intelligence.

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Heleen Dura van Oord

Founder of DQ&A Media Group

Heleen co-founded a media group specialised in digital marketing that’s merged to contain 13 offices and 350 employees. She spends the rest of her time giving back as an investor in Peak Capital and is involved with the LOEY awards.

Jalila Essaidi

Director at Inpidere B.V.

Whoever thinks biology, technology and art don’t match, should check out Jalila’s work. She’s best known for her work ‘2.6g 329m/s’, also known as ‘Bulletproof Skin’. She actually bioengineered bulletproof human skin reinforced with synthetic spider silk.

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Maaike Evers

Co-Founder of Mike&Maaike

When technology comes up with another innovation, Maaike is the person to make it useable. After her design studio sold to Google, she’s been using her progressively Dutch and uniquely female perspective to make amazing products. And she was named one of the Most Creative People in Business.

Vanessa Evers

Full Professor Human Media Interaction at University of Twente

Vanessa is a full professor of Computer Science. She focusses on the interaction with intelligent and autonomous systems, like robots or machine learning. Put differently, she’s the expert on the cultural aspects of the interactions of people with computers.

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Hanneke Faber

Chief e-Commerce and Innovation Officer & Member of the Executive Committee at Ahold Delhaize

When it comes to e-commerce, Hanneke is a true professional. She’s the Chief e-Commerce and Innovation Officer at Ahold, where she aims to make your online shopping experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Linda Frietman

Founder & CEO at IamProgrez

Gaming can help people find a job, and Linda is out to prove it. She’s the founder and CEO of an educational technology company that helps bridge the gap between education and the labor market through games.

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Valerie Frissen

CEO at SIDN Fonds

Valerie is director of a fund that supports ideas and projects for a strong internet for all. She’s an expert on how the internet can impact society: she’s a trained anthropologist and professor of ICT and Social Change at the Erasmus University.

Janneke Hadders

Director & Owner at Dacom Farm Intelligence

Janneke is transforming the world of food with her company Dacom. She helps farmers get the most out of their crop using hardware, software and science to maximize the harvest every time. Dacom advises multinationals on the creating and marketing food and beverages as well.

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Diane Janknegt

Founder of WizeNoze

Searching and finding information online can be confusing and tedious, especially for children. With WizeNoze, Diane has created a search engine that helps kids explore the internet with content on their reading level.

Ilse Kamps

CEO at Catawiki

Ilse is changing up the business of online auctions. After her stint as Global Director of Customer Service at, she’s taken up a customer service at Catawiki. The site has started offering customer support in 8 different languages under her watch.

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Anneke Keller

Head of Software Development at Coolblue

Anneke is one of the people in charge of leading teams of engineers. Lots of teams. At her latest job as Head of Software Development at Coolblue, she’s currently in charge of 27 teams. They keep the site running, the back office functioning smoothly and they take care of the infrastructure.

Nupur Kohli

Advisor - Health Advisory Services at EY

At 27, Nupur knows how to keep her cool and stay successful. She’s a medical doctor, has two TEDx talks on her name, works at Ernst and Young as a Healthcare advisory and has written a book on how to chill.

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Neelie Kroes

Multiple Supervisory Board Positions

Neelie is known as the godmother of startups in her native Netherlands. After an illustrious academic and political career in NL and the EU, she put the Dutch startup ecosystem on the map as Special Envoy for Startups. Today she’s on multiple supervisory boards of (among others) Uber and Salesforce.

Jannie Minnema

Sr. Director Strategy & Operations EMEA Business Development at Oracle

Jannie’s interest in innovation, technology and education have taken her career different ways. She started her career as an IT teacher and now has one of the highest ranking positions at Oracle outside the States. One of the things that got her here? She always looks beyond the boundaries.

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Saskia Nijs

Head of Strategic Planning at Philips

Saskia is one of tech’s multi-talents. A scientific researcher, columnist and employee at Philips – she does it all. Even though her studies in European Studies didn’t necessarily lay a clear path to tech, she stuck around in the sector ever since her first job at a startup.

Jeannine Peek

General Director at Dell NL

Jeannine started her career at Dell straight after getting her engineering degree. She then took a small detour only to return to the company as the General Director of the Dutch office at Dell. She returned to IT because the nature of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the sector.

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Lieke Pijpers

Founder of The Next Closet

If you want to invest in quality clothing on a shoe-string, shop responsibly and don’t know where to start, take a look at Lieke’s latest venture. With The Next Closet she creates a sustainable impact in your wardrobe by facilitating the sale of second hand designer clothing and accessories.

Anouska Post

Regional Vice President Enterprise Corporate Sales at

Whenever Anouska is not acting as Regional Vice President Enterprise Corporate Sales at, she’s actively trying to inspire women to work in tech. Her personal motto is: “You were made to make a difference, so embrace every opportunity and make it happen!”

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Meiny Prins

CEO at Priva

Meiny is out to showcase the Netherlands as frontrunner in sustainability. There are already so many initiatives, so she believes it’s time to show them. With her clear, inspirational message on sustainability, she bridges the divide between companies, governments and sectors.

Melanie Rieback

Co-Founder and CEO at Radically Open Security

Computer security and cyber crime, that’s what Melanie has built her career around. Her company Radically Open Security is actually the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company. 90% of their profit goes to a foundation that fights to keep the internet open and safe.

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Constance Scholten

Co-Founder & CEO at Camarilla

Constance is building a social media platform where you don’t have to perform. Camarilla is about bonding with those closest to you instead. It’s wanted by people across the globe. Her app is already used in over 153 countries – and used by A-list celebrities, business moguls and even royalty.

Marian Spier

Founder & Licensee at TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Marian is serious about giving women a platform. She founded TedxAmsterdamWomen Startup Awards, where women in the startup space meet, pitch and connect. It’s a chapter of a global initiative that ‘focuses on the unique way in which women contribute to global change and thus reshape the future.’

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Hanneke Stegweg

Founder of iLost

Losing stuff is a pain and Hanneke knows it. That’s why she founded iLost, a central place for lost and found items everywhere. She’s been making the world a happier place for ‘losers’ since 2012, and has won a series of startup awards along the way.

Gillian Tans

CEO at

When Gillian joined in 2002, it was only a small company in Amsterdam. Now, the company has expanded to more than 10.000 employees in 224 countries worldwide and has become a household name.

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Marina Tognetti

Founder & CEO at Myngle

Marina decided it was time to start her entrepreneurial journey after having a successful corporate career. Her love for culture and language led her to found The company offers live online language education.

Manon van Beek

Country Managing Director at Accenture

Manon is an expert on consulting, technology and outsourcing. As Country Managing Director of Accenture in the Netherlands, she manages about 2500 people on a daily basis.

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Fancy van de Vorst

Eindhoven City

Fancy works with StartupDelta to help make the Dutch ecosystem one of the best in the world. Her base is in Eindhoven, a city that leads the way in technological innovation in hardware.

Jonna van den Dungen

Founder & CEO at StyleScript

Jonna made the leap from the corporate world to the startup scene in 2007 and has never looked back. After leading her first company to a six figure profit in a single year, she’s now helping companies make your online shopping as effective and fun as possible.

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Janneke van den Heuvel

Co-Founder of TryLikes

Janneke uncovered her entrepreneurial potential straight out of school. She’s co-founded several products in various markets over the past 12 years. Her latest endeavor is TryLikes, a company that helps stores get feedback from their customers.

Jeanine van der Vlist

Managing Director at Eurfiber

Jeanine is a true veteran in tech. She’s moved from General Manager to Director roles at large tech companies. Now, she’s opted for the flexibility, dynamism and entrepreneurial drive of an organization as Managing Director at Eurofiber.

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Pauline van Dongen

Owner & Creative Director at Pauline van Dongen Innovations

Pauline creates garments in the space where technology and fashion meet. Her studio enables innovation and experimentation to create beautiful high-tech items that you just want to wear.

Iris van Herpen

Fashion Tech Designer at Iris van Herpen

If you’re looking for the person who merges 3D printing with Haute Couture, look no further. Iris made headlines when her astonishing designs were the first 3D printed garments to hit the runway. Her shows have been turning heads ever since.

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Thalita van Ogtrop

Founder of The Next Closet

Thalita started her career at a sustainable design agency. It didn’t take long for her to start building companies though. She’s now focused her full attention on her latest venture The Next Closet, where her love for sustainability and tech come together.

Simone van Trojen

Founder of LaDress

Simone spent a lifetime looking for that one dress that fit all her different roles in life. In 2006 she left her corporate job and designed it. LaDress was born and immediately launched internationally. She helps women to answer the age old question on what they should wear that day.

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Mirjam Verhoeven

CIO at De Volksbank N.V.

If you ever wondered why it’s so easy to switch banks and how little you have to do for it, be sure to thank Mirjam. She’s responsible for the IT that makes this possible at De Volksbank. She’s also launched a Technology Centre to discover new technologies that fit social banking.

Corinne Vigreux

Co-Founder of TomTom

TomTom is one of the few European consumer electronics companies that has grown into a global brand, and Corinne was one of the people who started it. Today, she’s helped expand it’s product range to include wearables and action cameras.

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Anouk Vos

Founding Partner at Revnext

Anouk is one of the founders of Revnext. They advise governmental organizations and multinationals on cyber security. She’s also president of the Women in Cyber Security Foundation, where she heads a growing international community of over 700 women who work in her field.

Eline Vrijland van Beest

Founder & CEO at NightBalance

Eline helps people sleep. With NightBalance, she’s developed a device that helps people who suffer from sleep apnea. Already sold in 10 European countries, they’re planning to reach all the 25 million people who suffer from sleep apnea in the EU and US.

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Anouk Wipprecht

Fashion Tech Designer at Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk believes fashion lacks something. Garments miss microcontrollers. Her creations are best described as systems around the body that tend towards artificial intelligence. Her garments move, breath and react to it’s environment.

Jane Zavalishina

CEO at Yandex Data Factory

As one of Silicon Republic’s Top 40 Women in Tech, Jane ensures that Yandex Data Factory keeps finding new ways to use the data they collect. She’s a regular speaker and major voice at events like the Web Summit, DLD and Money 2020.

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