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Jonna van den Dungen

Jonna van den Dungen made the leap to jump out of the corporate world to start her marketing consultancy company iMAXIMIZE in 2007, setting out to make technology SEXY again with the optimal interaction between technology and humans. With this vision and drive, her first year as solo entrepreneur brought her a six-digit profit margin.

From here, the idea for her next company was born: StyleScript is an innovative marketing technology company that eliminates consumer stress by offering personalized style advice. With StyleScript, she focuses on developing a personal cognitive style graph & language so every individual can lead more intentional lives. Focusing on the needs of future generations, Jonna wants to transform our social technology platforms to supersede its current state of jealously inducing images, and instead let it create the true narratives of our lives that highlight the real struggles and beauty of life. In this way, she hopes to translate our islands of isolation in the vast cosmic ocean to become bastions of strength and connection with our inner-selves. Through her work, she hopes to provide a process of self-actualization that will inspire others to do the same.

Jonna has a naturally inspiring conviction and charisma with which she is easily able to create new partnerships and forge success, simply and practically. Prior to founding iMAXIMIZE and StyleScript, Jonna began her career in marketing for multinational conglomerate 3M in 1998. Over the next 10 years, Jonna managed several different marketing teams at various fashion and retail companies. Her extensive background has provided Jonna experience with marketing & sales strategies, customer experience, concept design, insights and analytics, data enrichment, technical & human innovation. This has brought Jonna to where she stands now, an inspiring game changer & innovator.