Ineke Scheffers

Ineke Scheffers is the founder of Girl Code and Lead developer of her team at ANWB. Before she became a programmer, she worked in tech as a communication officer and event planner at a software company. It's there where she saw the number of women developers were appallingly low. And when she got the answer: "this number is actually pretty good comparing to other offices", she knew she had to do something about it. It was then when she started Girl Code. A community for which she organizes events in the form of talks, demo's and workshops to create awareness about the gender gap in code and hopefully help bridging it a little more by making more women enthousiastic for code, and to keep women who already code into it ('cause also staying is also sometimes an obstacle when you find yourself in a still male dominated field). At this moment Girl Code counts 1100+ members and puts a lot of inspiring women on stage at it's events as role models. To put her money where her mouth is she retrained to be a developer at the end of 2016 in just 3 months. 5 months into her first job as a developer at ANWB she promoted from Junior to Medior and after another 5 months she became the Lead Dev of her team. At the beginning of 2018 she won the Techionista Tech Talent award, she is being frequently interviewed by radio, print and television as an expert on the topic Women in Tech and rolemodels, she is asked by all sorts of tech events to do talks and at the end of 2018 she was put on the VIVA400 list and she was in the running to win the VIVA400 TechTalent award, she ended up second in the top 5. To close 2018 off with a bang she was also chosen as one of the 100 Most Inspiring Women of the Netherlands bij Opzij and was put in the top 10 Tech category.