Ilse Kamps

Shortly after her study Technical Business Engineering in Amsterdam, Ilse Kamps joined world’s largest hotel booking website Within Ilse was responsible for managing different teams. She was among others Global Director of Strategic Partnerships. Her last role at was Global Director of Customer Service. In this role she was responsible for the strategy and management of the Customer Support teams in 11 different countries. Under her supervision the global CS team grew from 1.200 to 3.500 FTEs within 3 years. Beside the growth she managed to reduced the contact percentage enormously through automation and self-service. The result; improved service levels and happier customers.

Ilse joined start-up Catawiki in 2016 as COO. Catawiki was awarded with the price for fastest growing Tech company in the world in 2015. Ilse’s role was to scale and professionalize the Customer Support team that can keep up with the enormous growth of Catawiki. Meanwhile there is a team that provides Customer Support in 8 different languages including e.g. Chinese. Ilse also looked after Catawiki’s team of 170 auctioneers focussed on increasing both efficiency and quality.

From December 1 Ilse Kamps is CEO of Catawiki and responsible for further international growth of the company that received in 2015 an investment of 75 million euros. One of the largest investments ever in a Dutch tech company.

For the next years Ilse wants to develop Catawiki as one of the biggest online auction houses in the world.

In her belief, data will play a very big role in the expansion of Catawiki. Without testing and analyzing it’s impossible to make the right decisions. Everyone within the Catawiki team is managed on this belief. And that makes this a very strong organisation.