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Hester Le Riche

Hester has a PhD in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. She found her passion during design projects that influence people’s behaviour and contribute to their health. Her dissertation ‘Playful Design for Activation’ entails an evidence based approach of developing a product service system to stimulate physical activity of people with severe dementia. She is fascinated by how people interact with each other and with products, especially of whom that perceive the world differently. She is passionate about research and design that benefit people with (cognitive) challenges, their carers and family members.

During her PhD, she designed the ’Tovertafel’. The serious games on the Tovertafel use interactive light animations on the dining table in care homes. These games reduce apathy by stimulating physical and cognitive activity and social interaction. Hester’s strong and authentic aim to contribute to the residents’ quality of life, the carer’s enjoyment in their work and to meaningful encounters between family members makes the success of her company. Her mission is to evoke 10 million moments of joy per day in care and education.