Fancy van de Vorst

Fancy van de Vorst is always working on making connections, something she developed during her years as a policy officer Economic Affairs in Eindhoven. “It’s about getting people to link to each other so that we not only prevent duplication of work being done, but that we also share our knowledge and resources, so we can all grow.” A natural choice therefore to be requested by the Mayor and the Alderman to act as Eindhoven region’s special envoy in the ambitious startup platform led by Neelie Kroes, from its initiation in 2015 until mid-2016.

StartupDelta is an independent public-private partnership. Together with the main innovation hubs in the Netherlands, the team works with the ministries of Economic Affairs and Education Culture and Science, the startup community, and other partners with the goal of bringing the Netherlands into the top 3 of the best European startup ecosystems. While representing Eindhoven and the Brainport region ‘High Tech’ innovation hub in Neelie Kroes’’ initiation team, Van De Vorst’s primary focus was with the wider national agenda of StartupDelta, “to help startups with their visibility and credibility” specifically developing an approach to connect corporates and startups as program manager of COSTA.

Back in Eindhoven Fancy continues to actively build connections between government, local business and industry, sharing her energy and inspiration by also offering special support and mentoring for the small but growing group of female technical talent in the Brainport region.