Constance Scholten

Constance Scholten is on a mission: to make us connect again.

A Dutch-born entrepreneur with twin passions for human behavior and technology, she’s the CEO of Camarilla – the self-styled ‘world’s smallest social network’.

Created in response to the superficiality of mainstream social media, Camarilla offers a private space where users can post photos and videos for their closest friends, with all interactions kept strictly private.

“It’s about bonding, instead of performing,” explains Scholten, who was voted one of the Netherlands’ 50 most inspiring female tech entrepreneurs. “Our hyper-connected world has reduced the time we spend nurturing real friendships. I want to change that.”

Scholten, who dropped out of law school to found her first company aged 19, is currently taking her gospel of ‘happiness through meaningful connections’ across the globe. To date, she’s addressed audiences in 11 countries.

And with Camarilla rapidly spreading through over 153 countries – and boasting a user base that includes A-list celebrities, business moguls and even royalty – it looks like the world is taking note.