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Carine de Meyere

Carine de Meyere has been Director of Partnerships & New Business Development for TEDxAmsterdamWomen & Startup Award since 2015. Carine de Meyere was educated at an all women’s college in the US and studied Women’s Studies at Harvard University. For 30 years she has been an active champion for female leadership, diversity and inclusion and when the opportunity arose, she stept on board of TEDxAmsterdamWomen to help build the storytelling and inspiration platform and its startup award grow to a next level. It is her aim to be a role model for female professionals in the Netherlands and beyond, to inspire women to pursue a career in technology for that will allow them to be part of and help create the future. The future of AI is female!

She also works in the City of London as Senior Strategist & Investor Relations for Future Planet Capital, the world’s first global university IP venture capital fund, where she raises capital for scale ups who have found technological solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. It is Carine’s focus to look actively for female entrepreneurs. 

Carine de Meyere was one of the first people in the Netherlands to put impact investing on the investor agenda in the Netherlands and she has participated in many Next Generation events to talk about impact investing and social entrepreneurship and how the impact arena is a space for women to become active. 93% of female professionals find purpose the most important factor about their work and impact investing means doing well by doing good.

Carine beliefs that in order for the world to be able to move forward we need to think in the power of uncommon collaborations, sustainable partnerships and impact investments. Business has become the ultimate driver of social and environmental impact and charity is a thing from the past. As a global visionary humanitarian she opens up a broader discussion about how business can make the world more sustainable, more just, more verdant and more peaceful.

Carine de Meyere has a Bachelor’s degree in English, Spanish Literature, Psychology and Economics of Wells College, holds a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies, Social Sciences, Social Entrepreneurship from Harvard University 2005 and a Post Doctorate in Philanthropy and Ethics from the University of Amsterdam on how impact investing has stepped into the charity space.