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Anouk Visser

Anouk Visser is Co-founder and CTO of provides its customers with a bird’s-eye view of the condition of their solar and wind farms. The AI-powered View platform identifies and locates possible problems in high detail at an early stage, providing critical intelligence to guarantee the full performance of the asset. 

The founding team of initially met while working on a solution to the illegal poaching of rhinos in South Africa as a student team. By combining drones and computer vision algorithms Anouk and her team provided the rangers with a bird's-eye view of their game reserve.   

Anouk is also an active ambassador of women in technology, teaching workshops and coaching attendants at several Rails Girls events, as well as coaching girls of 10 years old in the field of computer science and organizing past Girl Geek Dinner events.  

She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam.